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Introducing our newest shape: The Wine Cooler - Kollab Australia

Introducing our newest shape: The Wine Cooler

We’re here to make Wine Coolers cool again. Introducing the Kollab Wine Cooler. Our new shape is a fully insulated bag with a divider, making it an easy and safe way to transport your drinks on the go. Whether you’re off to a picnic, a housewarming, party or a date night, our Wine Cooler can help keep things easy breezy. Why bring one bottle when you can bring two? Or if one is enough, the second compartment easily fits cups, glasses and a corkscrew! Our Wine Cooler is the best party guest. Fill it with your favourite tipple or preferred beverage and keep it cool while on the go.

Sage x Clare ♥ Kollab Collaboration: Get to know Phoebe Bell from Sage x Clare - Kollab Australia

Sage x Clare ♥ Kollab Collaboration: Get to know Phoebe Bell from Sage x Clare

Taking Maximalism to a whole new level, Sage x Clare ♥ Kollab collaboration is all about colour clashes and playful geometry creating an artful print remix for the perfect party, beach or backyard set up. This exciting partnership brings together Sage x Clare's signature prints and Kollab's iconic shapes to create a stunning collection that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Hayley Barrett, Kollab's co founder sat down with Sage x Clare’s owner, Phoebe Bell, to chat all things brand and life! She answered some of our rapid fire questions and including the one we all need the answer too, her fave picnic spot! Read on to find out... Where does the name Sage x Clare come from? Phoebe – So the name Sage x Clare comes from my middle name and my twin sisters middle name, so she’s Jemma Sage and I am Phoebe Clare. So its kinda born out of the two of us. Hayley – I didn’t know that you guys were twins?! Phoebe – Yeah a lot of people don’t know that we just forget to mention it. Which Kollab shape do you think is the most versatile? / What is your most loved shape? Phoebe – I do absolutely love the Mini Cooler but I think the most versatile is the Lunch Box. My daughter has one and she just wanders all around the house collecting things to go “on holiday” but I also use it for really practical purposes. I have a 7month old baby so it’s great for her bottles, puree and all the things she needs. It’s great for my lunch when I come into work. And I think you also mentioned it’s great for toys, cards and even Lego?! Hayley – Yeah it’s not just for food, so it’s a really good versatile shape to carry little things that your children need, or even for storage around the home. We shouldn't play favourites but what is your favourite print in the range? Phoebe – It’s a tough choice but I think it would be the Mini Cooler in our Portofino print. I just absolutely love it. I've got this on in our photoshoot and I think I had it worn across the body with the long strap, and I just adore it, it’s so sweet. Hayley – It’s my favourite also, I love green generally but the combination of the stripe and the floral really hits the mark for me. And I love it even in the Sage x Clare skirt, I wear it all the time, so to see it come to fruition on our products is so nice.  What do you love most about the collaboration? Phoebe – I think what I love about the collab is that it’s beautiful but also practical. I feel like sometimes you have to choose one or the other, and I just love that it is the most practical products that are so useful, so perfect for everything that you need every day, but they’re just beautiful and I love that it’s not a choice between the two. Hayley - Well that’s kind of why we started the brand, we just wanted really practical things that looked good! Phoebe – and you can never get the two! Hayley – It's been a really easy process I think to collab and when we contact brands, I feel like it needs to feel right, not be too hard and feel like a good fit, so that’s a bonus. Phoebe – Yeah it’s been very easy to work together. What does your ultimate picnic day look like? What is your favourite Picnic spot? Phoebe – I think my favourite place to picnic is probably down in Warrandyte. There’s a couple of swimming holes that the locals know, and I do love a picnic down there. But I have to say now that I have three kids, there is nothing more appealing than a picnic in your own backyard. We have just done a big landscaping project so I think that might be our new fave spot to picnic! And I think these new products will be perfect for out there.   Three things you don’t leave the house without on a family day? Phoebe – It might sound fairly obvious, but the three things I need to leave the house with on a family day are my three children! We have been known to forget one, so I usually try and make sure that we have Poppy, Ivy and Jude. They are the most important things that we leave the house with. Hayley – For me it’s food, something to drink and our Picnic Mat. What’s the one thing your kids always want in their Lunch Box? Phoebe – What do my kids really want in a Lunch Box? I mean I know I should be saying carrot or an apple but what they really want is those little Nutella snack packs, the ones with the little scoop. They are just happy if there's one of those in there.   What’s your favourite holiday destination and why? Phoebe – So obviously we haven’t been doing a lot of travelling the last few years, but I think my favourite place to go on holiday would be India. I think that’s what led to starting Sage x Clare too. It’s such a love affair with India. It’s an incredible place, I love travelling around, I feel like you go there and come back a slightly changed person for having gone. Which you don’t always get from every holiday. What do you love about running your own business? Phoebe – I think the favourite thing about running my own business is probably the diversity, every day is very different. Today, we’re here and chatting together, but yesterday was design stuff and planning for photoshoots, meeting with the team and working on contracts as well as finance. It is so many different aspects, so I do love that, as I am someone who can get bored quite easily, but running a business definitely keeps you on your toes. Photo of Phoebe Bell, Sage x Clare (left) and Hayley Barrett, Kollab (right)

Say Hello to your new favourite bag, the Mini Cooler! - Kollab Australia

Say Hello to your new favourite bag, the Mini Cooler!

This insulated mini-style cooler is the perfect bag to grab your snacks on the go, designed for work, play and everything in between. Fully insulated to keep your contents fresh and cool, it’s the perfect size for your food containers & a drink bottle. P.S. Did we mention they are partly made from recycled bottles too?! To celebrate our new Mini Coolers, we’ve partnered with the queen of healthy, delish food inspo @lady.lolas to bring you a quick and easy recipe for school lunches or just a mid-week snack. Speedy Egg Muffins Ingredients 12 eggs 1 spring onion shoot 3 cherry tomatoes or 1/2 normal tomato thinly diced 4 small, lean, middle bacon rashers 1/cup thinly diced mushrooms 1/4 zucchini ½-1 tsp salt   Method Step 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C Step 2. Wash and thinly dice all vegetables and then place in a large mixing bowl Step 3. Add the eggs and salt and mix well Step 4. Grease the muffin tin with olive oil baking spray Step 5. Pour the egg mixture evenly into the muffin slots Step 6. Place tray into the oven for 16 -19 minutes or until the tops are firm to the touch   Enjoy! Pick up your favourite Mini Cooler print and load in your favourite snacks! For more delish recipes ideas, check out Katie Lolas' recipes here:

Canteen x Kollab - Kollab Australia

Canteen x Kollab

When Kollab was approached to collaborate with Canteen, for founder Hayley, it was a no-brainer. Hayley had worked as a theatre nurse at the Prince of Wales and was very familiar with Canteen and the amazing work they do for young people impacted by cancer.   Canteen is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to providing tailored support for young people aged 12-25 impacted by cancer. Canteen helps young people cope with cancer, whether it’s their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer or the death of a loved one. Through Canteen, they learn to explore and deal with their feelings about cancer and connect with other young people in the same boat if they’ve been diagnosed themselves, Canteen also provides specialist, youth-specific treatment teams. All support services are underpinned by Canteen’s research and evaluation team, who conduct world-class psychosocial research with the ultimate goal of transforming the lives of young people affected by cancer.Kollab is honoured to partner with Canteen on a special lunch box, with all profit from the sales to be donated to Canteen to support young people impacted by cancer. The lunch box print is called ‘Dreaming Track Nights’ and was created by talented Aboriginal artist Annie-Renae Winters for this year’s Bandanna Day campaign.  Annie-renae Winters is a Kamilaroi woman who grew up on Wiradjuri/Gadigal land. She has worked in education within Sydney schools for over 10 years. She has run a not-for-profit design school focusing on Indigenous design, incorporating art into education. She has been a tutor/lecturer in the Indigenous health faculty in Western Sydney for two years and teaches primary-aged classes in Western Sydney schools. Annie-renae is currently working as an Associate lecturer of Public Health in the medical faculty at Sydney University. Annie-renae’s research looks at a strength-based approach of Aboriginal culture and art for young people's social and emotional well-being. Her current art practice explores the notions of Connection to Country in a contemporary exploration. Acknowledging the many different ways Indigenous people connect to Country and each other while living in an urban/costal setting often far away from their own ancestral Country. “My goal for my art is for people to feel alive and to celebrate our unique Aboriginal culture in Australia. When I paint, I feel connected to my culture and to the country I live on. My work is personal, as it is a space for me to remember my culture, my language, and symbols. By painting this, I hope to create a space for younger people to also learn more about their culture, no matter where they are.” For ‘Dreaming Track Nights’, Annie-renae took inspiration from traditional styles of Aboriginal art, and she mixed them with a contemporary approach. “Focusing on the symbols for coral, shells, water, people meeting and my totem the Kangaroo. It paints a snapshot of the landscape and country we are called to care for. I am always 'On Country'; nowhere is exempt from this. We always have a responsibility to know the country, share it and care for it. I love the bright colour of the Australian landscape I have depicted this in this artwork.”   Kollab is proud to support Canteen through this collaboration, and we hope you love this print as much as we do! This is an online exclusive, and you can purchase your Dreaming Track Nights Lunch Box via Kollab or Canteen.  For more information on Canteen and the wonderful work they do visit

Get prepared for back to school with Kollab and Recipearce! - Kollab Australia

Get prepared for back to school with Kollab and Recipearce!

We've teamed up with the gorgeous family over at @recipearce to bring you some super handy and kid friendly recipes to pair with our colourful insulated Lunch Boxes. Check out these three simple recipes below and happy cooking! Don't forget to tag us in your creations using the hashtag #kollabcollection.  THREE SAVOURY TARTS Prep and cooking time: approx. 30 mins CHORIZO & CORN TART    INGREDIENTS: 1x sheet of puff pastry 1x egg 2 cobs of corn 1x chorizo Parmesan Salt Pepper Olive oil METHOD:     Preheat oven to 220C. Put baking paper on a baking tray with your puff pastry. Whisk up an egg with a pinch of salt. Into a bowl, add kernels of 2 cobs of corn, 1 diced chorizo, a handful of grated Parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix. Evenly spread the mix in the centre of the puff pastry, leaving a few cm border free around the edge. Top with a crack of pepper and a pinch of salt. Pop into the oven on 220C for 20 mins. Allow cooling for a couple of minutes before cutting up.     POTATO, ROSEMARY & GRUYERE TART   INGREDIENTS: 1x Sheet of puff pastry 1x Egg 2 Potatoes Pinch of finely chopped rosemary Handful of grated gruyere cheese Salt Pepper Olive oil METHOD: Preheat oven to 220C. Put baking paper on a baking tray with your puff pastry. Whisk up an egg with a pinch of salt. Add to a bowl 2 potatoes finely sliced or sliced with a mandolin, a drizzle of olive oil, pinch of salt and a pinch of finely chopped rosemary. Brush the border of the puff pastry with egg wash and grate a handful of gruyere cheese in the centre. Layer your potato mix in the centre of the pastry and top with a crack of pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt. Pop into the oven on 220C for 20 mins. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes before cutting up. PUMPKIN & GOATS CHEESE TART    INGREDIENTS: 1x sheet of puff pastry 1x egg Approx. 1 handful of sliced pumpkin 1/4 red onion Pinch of finely chopped rosemary Goats cheese Salt Pepper Olive oil   METHOD: Preheat oven to 220C. Put baking paper on baking tray with your puff pastry. Whisk up an egg with a pinch of salt. Add to a bowl, thinly sliced or mandolin sliced pieces of pumpkin and a 1/4 of a red onion, a drizzle of olive oil, pinch of finely chopped rosemary and a pinch of salt. Mix. Brush border of puff pastry with egg wash. Layer your pumpkin mixture in the centre of the pastry and crumble some goats cheese over the top. Pop into the oven on 220C for 20 mins.   Allow to cool for a couple of minutes before cutting up and enjoy!Grab your favourite Kollab Lunch Box to go, and you're set!   

Kollab Umbrellas - Kollab Australia

Kollab Umbrellas

We could not be more excited to share with you the newest product added to our Kollab collection… Umbrellas! Fabricated in our signature prints, Kollab’s umbrellas are perfect for when you’re at the beach or in need of some respite from the sun at home. Our large umbrella boasts an impressive 200cm span, perfect to keep your whole family safe from the sun, whilst our small umbrella has a 1.8m span, perfect to transport to and from the beach, park or pool. We are so proud to also announce these luxe sun shades are partly made from recycled material, so not only are they good at keeping you safe from the sun this summer, but they’re good for the environment too. These beauties are the perfect addition to your Classic Collection or Holiday Collection with each print available in a range of shapes so you can have a complete and matching set. Kollab’s umbrellas are the must-have sun-safe accessory for this summer! Shop our new Umbrellas here! ⛱

New Holiday Collection - Kollab Australia

New Holiday Collection

Kollab’s Holiday collection is the newest product range on offer just in time for the festival season. This new premium collection is a luxe take on our well-loved, practical and functional styles. Featuring a Fringed Picnic Mat, a medium-sized Picnic Mat and two insulated bag options, our Holiday Collection is an exciting addition to Kollab’s current product offering. This range is inspired by some of our favourite destinations around the World and was designed with the idea of making any outdoor escape as beautiful as possible. We are also so proud to announce this range is made from partly recycled materials so that you can have a maximum aesthetic impact with minimal impact on the environment. Hayley, what inspired you to develop the new Holiday Range? The Holiday collection was developed to cater for customers wanting a more luxurious offering from Kollab. We have always been about making practical items fashionable but wanted to take it up a notch to grow with our customer's needs, as we know they are sophisticated and glamourise.    Meet the newest Kollab shapes:  Holiday Fringed Picnic MatFunctional and fashionable, Kollab’s fringed picnic mats add a touch of luxury to any setting. With our trademark water-resistant fabric and easy-to-pack-away design, the added detail of fringe adds a touch of glamour to your outdoor activities. Your very own insta -worthy picnic rug that will have all your friends jealous and wanting one for themselves. Just like our signature Kollab Picnic mats, our new and improved material means that we are moving forward to a more partly recycled purposed product. Holiday Picnic MatKollab’s medium Holiday Picnic Mat (1.45m x 1.45m) is the perfect example that sometimes thinking inside the square is the best option! With a seamless design, our medium-sized picnic mat is the perfect ‘in-between’ size for comfort and function. The new size is ideal for couples or small groups and is like the Big Sister to our current Mini Mats. Holiday ToteThe bag to take you wherever you need to go. Our insulated Holiday Tote is perfect for any occasion. A fashion-forward take on your classic cooler bag, Kollab’s insulated Holiday Totes are perfect for when you need something to carry whatever your day throws at you. It’s a travel bag, a nappy bag, or simply just your everyday bag that’s big enough to fill with life's essentials– The beauty of this bag is it will be whatever you make it!  Holiday Picnic BagThe perfect picnic companion. Kollab’s insulated Holiday Picnic Bag can easily fit and keep fresh everything you need for you and your family’s perfect day out. Will keep your snacks cold and your champagne chilled, big enough to carry all the picnic essentials - so you’re never leaving anything at home again.    Meet the newest Kollab prints GoaInspired by the seaside paradise of Goa, India’s pocket-sized paradise, Goa embodies the “blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, and seafood.” As described by The Lonely Planet. LombokBali’s closest neighbour, Lombok is beguiling, beach-blessed and downright blissful, and the inspiration behind this beautiful, detailed, pastel print. PersiaPersia, what is now known as modern Iran, this beautiful city with its stunning architecture, is the inspiration behind this intricate, earthy, kaleidoscopic design. MilanInspired by the city where looking good is an art form, our Milan print embodies the classic, high-end design that makes this city one of the most fashionable places in the world. ManhattanClassic and bold, our Manhattan print takes its name from the city that never sleeps. The perfect mix of the expected meets the unexpected, this check print features vibrant colours to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Add a touch of glamour to your everyday essentials with our stunning new Holiday Collection. Find out more about our new partly recycled Holiday Collection on our care page. 

Billabong x Kollab 🐚 - Kollab Australia

Billabong x Kollab 🐚

Kollab is so excited to partner again with quintessential surf brand Billabong on two new beautiful prints.  We have been collaborating with Billabong every year for the past four years and have had such great success with our Del Sur, Pretty Palms and Nalu prints. Since it's beginnings in 1969, Billabong has combined function, fit, art and fashion to develop boardshorts and clothing for mountain and ocean lovers across the globe. This combination of outdoor sports and Kollab’s practical storage solutions has made Kollab and Billabong a match made in outdoorsy heaven. This year the two new prints are Peeking Palms and Happy holidays. Both are designed with a beach lifestyle in mind. We asked the Billabong team and chatted with Fleur Boys the lead Women’s Designer some questions to get a peek behind the curtain!   What was the inspiration behind the Peeking Palms Print? For us here at Billabong we are always island dreaming and the palm print is embodies everything we love about island life and tropical vibes even if you can’t be in paradise   What was the inspiration behind the Happy Holidays Print? Summers as a kid!, It reminded us of those iconic’ Australiana artists from back in the day like Ken Done, or those tourist style tea towels with the all towns you stopped past on your road trip that your nanna had.. Its naïve, and fun, with has a nostalgia to it of simple and fun times at the beach, in the waves and one long hot summer holiday.   Where would you take your Billabong x Kollab pieces on holiday? Anywhere right now, we are lucky being on the Gold Coast we know, but have big dreams and bigger plans to escape once we can, Tahiti, Aruba, Jamacia, I’d go anywhere that song Kokomo suggests actually!   What makes Kollab and Billabong such a good match? We are kindred spirits in our love of the beach and the outdoors, with the same cheeky sense of fun, together we really are all you need for a killer beach kit.  The perfect combo of kitchy and cool!   What is your most used Kollab piece? Umm just one? I would say the big beach bag, you can literally throw the whole families beach stuff in there, wet or dry! It holds everything and then folds up so tiny to pack away! I have spare ones stashed in the back of my car for everything even market hauls and shopping runs!   How do you plan on spending your holidays? In the sun! I truly believe I am solar powered so recharging in the sun is always high on my hit list!

Washable PAPER Range 🌿 - Kollab Australia

Washable PAPER Range 🌿

Kollab is committed to creating more sustainable products and we are thrilled to spotlight our Washable Paper range, PAPER by Kollab.This range offers a more neutral option, perfect for our more understated customers. The PAPER range is made using washable kraft paper. The raw material is natural fibre pulp and is made without any harmful substances. The washables material can be recycled. We have also paired this fabric with our vegan leather look handles, taking the environmentally friendly aspect up a notch and making it stylish.Our PAPER range is part of our premium offering and lends itself to a more minimalist aesthetic. This collection is favoured by our founder Hayley’s husband Mick, who loves the earthiness of the bags and their organic hand feel.He uses the Shopper as his work bag as it is big enough to fit his laptop and any other essentials he may need throughout his day.The block colours and simple, sophisticated design make Kollab’s PAPER range the perfect option if you’re after a more low-key everyday essential. Shop the PAPER range in our four classic colourways.

Poppies print by Maggie Stephenson 🌸 - Kollab Australia

Poppies print by Maggie Stephenson 🌸

Kollab was lucky enough to collaborate with Artist and Illustrator Maggie Stephenson on a gorgeous print called ‘Poppies.’ Maggie was Born in Poland, raised in Germany, Maggie is an artist and illustrator based in Florida, USA. Maggie currently works as a freelance illustrator for magazines, advertising and other publishers, as well as enjoys creating art prints with home decor in mind.  Her work is influenced by her European upbringing and travels, combining rich textures, vivid colours and shape play. We sat down with Maggie to chat about the new Poppies print and how the artwork came to life. 1. What sparks your creativity?Music and nature are so powerful in waking up new ideas and inspiration. It’s in those moments when I allow my mind to drift, away from screens, fully relaxed and in a stage of daydreaming - that’s when creativity sneaks in.  2.  What do you love most about the Kollab x Maggie Stephensons Poppies print? Where did this design inspiration come from?  The Poppies print was inspired by the peace and comfort found in nature and how it has the incredible power to completely wipe away any kind of fog or stress from our minds. The moment we step outside warm sunshine on our skin, the scent of flowers and fresh greenery. I can’t think of a better way to recharge. 3. What do you enjoy doing the most?  Apart from creating, which truly is my deepest passion, I absolutely love to spend time outside. Whether it’s hiking, walks on the beach, even just sitting in the backyard. Something about being in nature that is so relaxing and energising at the same time, I love it. Cooking, listening to music while driving around and of course time with family and friends are my favourite too. 4. What Kollab product is your go-to and why?It’s impossible to choose but my favourites are probably the shopper and market bags. I love them for their multi-functionality. Whether for a picnic, beach walk, grocery shopping or carrying around my iPad and other work-related things. I love their versatility and fun designs! The cooler bags and lunch boxes are on top of my list too. I am always on the go, so having a great way to store my snacks is essential, especially here in Florida where temperatures in the summer can reach the mid-90s.  5. What does your ultimate Picnic Day look like? It would be very simple and spontaneous. My husband and I talk about this a lot as we’re waiting for the temperature to drop just a little bit here in Florida. A big comfortable blanket, some sparkling water, a baguette, some fruits, cheeses, jams and I think we’re good to go. We’re so lucky that there are several fun picnic spots nearby, surrounded by lush greenery and the ocean.  

Meet Maggie Stephenson! - Kollab Australia

Meet Maggie Stephenson!

Kollab was lucky enough to collaborate with Artist and Illustrator Maggie Stephenson on a gorgeous print called ‘Poppies.’ Born in Poland, and raised in Germany, Maggie is an artist and illustrator based in Florida, USA. Maggie currently works as a freelance illustrator for magazines, advertising and other publishers, and enjoys creating art prints with home decor in mind. Her work is influenced by her European upbringing and travels, combining rich textures, vivid colours and shape play.     1. Tell us a little bit about your background/how did you get to where you are today? I was raised in a small village in Southern Poland, a walk from the Czech border. Coolest childhood I could have dreamed of. Most of the time was spent outside, no tv, no internet, hardly any toys. Running around in nature, playing with clay and crayons. My grandpa and I were very close. I think it’s because of him that I love to be outside so much. We would go for walks in the woods and he would tell me these cool stories. He also is the one who always grabbed the paper and coloured pencils for me when he was out grocery shopping. He’d come home and we’d sketch together. Even when I moved to Germany during my teenage years, he would still send me the same drawing supplies. It was as if he was saying all along, keep drawing, keep drawing. My teenage years were spend in Germany, travelling throughout Europe, trying a variety of jobs, spending time with friends. I was absolutely terrible at school. Hated the thought of sitting through class, so I frequently skipped school (with the exception of art and English) and went to town to have coffee instead. People ask me all the time what my academic achievements are and where I studied art. Awkward question… does the back of a coffee shop count? I was basically waiting to turn 18 until I could move and explore the world.    2. Talk us through a day in the life of Maggie Stephenson. The days vary depending on work volume and personal life. It’s so nice to have a basic routine but when you’re a full-time illustrator working from home, a mom, wife, dog owner, multitasking is usually where it’s at. My day always starts with having coffee with my husband, a walk or playtime with our dog Lady, taking care of my son, answering emails and other correspondence. I try my best to get some sketching done sometime amidst those things to get the creativity going. I usually sit down and work early in the afternoon until the evening, with many breaks to stretch and give my eyes a rest. In the evening I love to wind down through cooking a vitamin-packed meal while listening to music. Coming together over a meal, talking to loved ones and taking it easy is my favourite way to end the day.  3. When did you move to America and long have you been living there? I moved to America a few months after I had turned 18 and have lived here ever since, close to 17 years. It’s crazy to think about how quickly time goes by! I’ve had the best time here, made amazing friends, so many memories. And to think that the only reason I ended up here was by a coin toss (it was a tossup between London and Florida).  4. Did you grow up knowing you would be/wanted to be an artist?  Yes and no. I’ve always been into art, ever since I remember being able to hold a pencil. But as encouraging as my family was, they wanted me to have a more traditional job. So I guess while growing up I didn’t know it was possible to have a successful career within this creative field. 5. If not, how did you find your way into becoming an artist?  It wasn’t until my early 30s, actually. I remember that moment clearly. Usually, I’m a positive person but I found myself in a place of doubt, insecurity and just no clue about what I was going to do with my life. Jumping from job to job, nothing really stuck, and nothing bought joy. I remember having this huge pity party one night, crying and thinking, “I don’t know how to do anything”. Took a deep breath and rational thoughts came back again. “Well… I guess I know how to draw?” So in that moment, I decided to give Arya. Fair chance, since I never had before. The next day I went to the local art shop, bought a bunch of art supplies and began painting every single day. During that time I played around with oils, acrylic, pastels, you name it. I still had no idea where this was going but for the first time, I was actually enjoying myself and looking forward to getting up in the morning. Eventually, I looked into getting an iPad and try a few illustrating apps. That just opened another door because now I was able to spend more time drawing rather than setting up, cleaning. Long story short, from the moment I decided to completely and blindly pursue art, I never stopped and it never let me down. So glad I took that chance. 6. What was is your greatest achievement? I’d say it’s fully committing to this job and sticking with it. It’s not always all highs. Creative blocks, an unpredictable schedule, sale fluctuations, and tight deadlines, are all part of the job. Learning to accept the highs and the lows has been a learning curve. I wouldn’t change a thing, though. Patience is not something that comes easily to me, but through these ups and downs, I’ve slowly learned how to take it easy.  

New Kip&Co Field of Dreams Silver Collection - Kollab Australia

New Kip&Co Field of Dreams Silver Collection

Kip&Co Field of Dreams Silver  After the success of Kollab and Kip&Co’s collaboration print ‘Field of Dream’s' print the teams got together again to offer an alternate colourway- Field of Dreams Silver. This online exclusive lives up to its name and is truly what dreams are made of!  We again picked the brains of the ladies who make playing with colour look oh so easy, and gained some more insight into what makes them tick! What you do when you’re feeling low on inspiration? Go for an ocean swim - it’s the fastest way to fill up my creative cup and get my mind feeling fresh and positive about the world.  - Kate Heppell  Where will your next holiday be? I think you need a magic ball to predict that right now!! If the universe is kind to us, then we are hoping to head to Kangaroo Island with my whole family and Kate’s family this December, and then do a photo shoot there. So a little work, and a little play!  - Hayley Pannekoecke  What colours do you think will be big this summer? I am craving a rainbow after this tough grey winter so it’s maximalism all the way for me. Think bright big bouquets full of green, pink, red, orange, lilac. - Alex McCabe  What’s on your ideal winter menu? I’m trying to cut meat out of my diet altogether these days and feeling good for it, so my ideal winter menu would definitely be incorporating all those amazing winter veggies we’ve got in the garden, heaps of leafy greens, potatoes, brussel sprouts, parsnip. Yummo. Maybe a veggie pie! - Kate Heppell  What essential must you have in your Kollab bag? I keep things simple - keys, phone, body mists, terry towel, snacks. - Hayley Pannekoecke   

Kip&Co x Kollab - Kollab Australia

Kip&Co x Kollab

Kollab has been fortunate enough to collaborate with the uber talented trio at Kip&Co on the ‘Field of Dreams' print. Launched in Melbourne in 2012, Kip&Co was founded by sisters Kate Heppell, Hayley Pannekoecke and best buddy Alex McCabe. What started as a bright, colourful bedding brand, quickly expanded into a vibrant lifestyle concept with a cult following, as the girls brought their fun and stylish aesthetic to apparel and homewares for every corner of the home, and every member of the family. Now with a global following, Kip&Co continues to be inspired by the girls' simple passion for joy, laughter and the colour of life. We asked the ladies some questions to find out a little more about their creative process! Kip&Co Field of Dreams 1. What inspired you when designing this print? This is one of our most popular prints of all time! We wanted a really feminine, fresh floral that had a hand drawn, delicate way about it. We are honestly floral fanatics at Kip&Co, it’s a favourite subject matter of ours, and this field of dreams print feels timeless and joyful. 2. Why did you choose to collaborate with Kollab? We love Kollab! You guys have become synonymous with our outdoors adventures. I love that you’re super local, supporting other brands, and with a female founder, it just ticks all our boxes!  3. What is your go-to Kollab product and why? Loving the beach bag. It's big enough to chuck all three kids gear in, plus I love the extra big handles that make it easy to sling over the shoulder. And the little secret inner is the perfect spot for the car keys which I am notorious at losing! 4. What Easter traditions do you have with family & friends? We live beach side and love our little community - Easter is a beautiful time down here as lots of friends come to visit over the long weekend and we’ll spend the time surfing, riding, and catching up with mates…rain, hail or shine! The kids are still keen on an egg hunt, so we’ll be jumping on the local one for sure.      

Kollab Story - Kollab Australia

The Kollab Story

Kollab was born from a desire to make beautiful, functional pieces to help make every day just that little bit easier. Great friends Jess and Hayley started the business in 2014 now, Mick and Hayley have taken the reins to build Kollab up to what it is today. Kollab grew from the idea of making practical, well-designed items with a fashionable edge.  Hayley has always desired to build and own successful businesses by setting her goals high and her visions higher. Always thinking of the next amazing idea or creation, Mick and her team are her trusty sound boards to bounce every idea off, no matter how big or small. They are all relevant in growing this business and seeing the Kollab story come to life.  Specialising in creating functional items in maximum impact prints with minimal environmental impact, Kollab offers washable paper bags manufactured from paper pulp and bags and picnic mats made from partly recycled material, making them a beautiful re-purposed product. They begin as a simple idea, executed with versatility and efficiency in mind. Kollab takes its name literally and is continuously collaborating with artists and creatives to bring you new designs to suit any aesthetic. Each item is designed around making time outdoors with your family as effortless and fun as possible.