Miss Moresby X Kollab


Kollab has teamed up with textile artist Sarah Rowe, better known as Miss Moresby, on two prints in our new collection. The inspiration for her abstract art, that plays on contrasting colours and intense tones, is drawn from the natural surroundings and characteristics of her hometown, Melbourne.


We asked Sarah some questions to get an insight into her life beyond the canvas!

Talk us through a day in the life of you!?

A typical day starts with getting my three boys to school and taking my two dogs Emmett and Cleo for a big long walk either around my suburb, East Brunswick, or to a park close by. After that I decide what to do with myself for the rest of the day. It could be going to the studio to work on paintings, could be stay home and do digital or collage work, or could be a bit of both. I’m not a big forward planner, anything goes! It’s the best thing about working for yourself!

What sparks your creativity?

I do find I’m inspired by nature, as a lot of artists are, but also being a process led artist, I’m often inspired by techniques I’ve picked up or by thoughts I’ve had to try a different way of making something. 

What do you enjoy doing the most?

Using colour is my favourite thing about being an artist. Combinations are endless and so that one element of colour alone is enough to keep me going for life!

What does your ultimate Picnic Day look like?

The best picnic day would include my favourite people and foods…like maybe Greek and of course my dogs would be there and we would sitting by a lovely babbling brook.

Where are you jetting off to next?

I’m hoping to jet off to Iceland one day soon! I’m fascinated by the landscape and traditional textiles.

What do you love most about the Kollab x Miss Moresby Gardens of Spring and Moon Phases? Where did these designs inspiration come from? 

When I set out to design Moonphases, the idea I had was to use a very painterly style digitally. I designed this on the iPad using Procreate. I wanted to play with big, bold brushstrokes intensely coloured in some areas and transparent and mingling in others. Spring Garden was inspired by a painting I did called Ballyhoo. Sometimes there are elements in my paintings that are calling out to be made into repeat pattern designs and take on a different life.

What Kollab product is your go-to and why?

My favourite Kollab products are the market bags and the clutches. I love organising my stuff! The beautiful clutches are perfect for sorting out my endless supply of weird art stuff! I’m also a big fan of the market bags, they’re roomy, great for family pool visits, everything fits!