At Kollab, our mission is to leave the world better than we found it. As February rolls around, we ditch the traditional hearts and flowers of Valentine’s Day and instead focus on something bigger – sharing the love.
This year we are partnering with the Starlight Foundation, pouring our hearts and resources into causes that truly matter.

This year, in alignment with our commitment to making a positive impact, we are actively involved with the Starlight Swim challenge by donating to their cause. Participants have the opportunity to win one of five packs provided by us and many other donors! Additionally Mick, Hayleys husband has eagerly plunged into the Starlight Swim.



Mick is a devoted surfer, father of 3 girls, an ocean enthusiast, and a proud resident of the Mornington Peninsula. For him, supporting the Starlight Foundation is a no-brainer. The opportunity to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and teenagers across Australia is something that resonates deeply with him.



Starlight’s mission is simple yet profound: to infuse joy and laughter into the lives of those who need it most.

Every minute, somewhere in Australia, a sick child is admitted to a hospital. It’s a sobering reality, but one that drives us to do more. That’s why we’re diving headfirst into the Starlight Super Swim Challenge – because every stroke we take brings us closer to making a difference.


How Can You Join Us?


 Whether you’re a lone swimmer or part of a team, set your own challenge. Whether it’s 2km or 30km, every stroke counts. With your registration, you'll gain access to exclusive resources and support to help you along the way.


Your efforts don’t stop in the water. Rally your friends, family, and colleagues to support your cause. Every dollar raised is a beacon of hope for sick kids and their families.


 Throughout February, hit the pool, swim school, or even the open sea. Let each stroke remind you of the impact you’re making. Celebrate as you hit your goals and surpass your expectations.

 Find out more about the registration here

Or alternatively, you can Donate to Mick's swim here 



If you're looking to win one of our donated prize packs, make sure you sign up before Saturday and stay tuned for details from Starlight about the flash challenge. And if time’s running short, fear not. The Starlight Super Swim Challenge welcomes swimmers of all abilities. Whether you’re aiming for a casual 2km or a challenging 32km, every lap brings us closer to a brighter tomorrow.

Join us as we dive deep into the Starlight Swim, spreading love, joy, and hope with every stroke. Together, we can make waves and create a sea of change for those who need it most.