Choosing the perfect lunch companion:
Lunch Box vs Mini Cooler

When it comes to packing your lunch, deciding between a Lunch Box and a Mini Cooler can really change things up. Let's dig in and find out which one suits your lunchtime style best, as these compact heroes are your go-to Kollab shapes for transporting your most cherished cargo – your lunch!



Lunch Box: Compact Convenience for Fresh Meals On the Go

  • Our Lunch box is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into fridges at work, school, or home, ensuring convenient storage.
  • Its compact shape (L 22cm x H 17.5cm x D 14.5cm) allows it to effortlessly slide into school bags, handbags, and various carry-ons.
  • This versatility means you can take your homemade meals wherever you go.
  • Ideal for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles.
  • It's all about practicality, making your daily routine smoother and your meals fresh and ready to enjoy.



Mini Cooler: Spacious and Versatile Lunch Bag

  • The Mini Cooler (L 23cm x W 23cm x H 24cm) offers a bit more space than our Lunch Box.
  • Ideal when you need to pack extra lunch items or cater for more than one person or multiple meals.
  • Perfect for carrying additional snacks, a full-size drink bottle, or lunch for two.
  • Its larger capacity provides flexibility without compromising freshness and coolness.  




So, whether you're looking for compact convenience or a bit more space to accommodate your lunchtime needs, we've got you covered with our Mini Cooler and Lunch Box options. It's time to upgrade your lunch game and choose the one that suits your style and appetite best!