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About Kollab

Built on the belief that everyday essentials don’t have to be basic, at Kollab we’re continually re-inventing everyday essentials with our colourful designs and signature prints.

Since 2014, Kollab has crafted premium everyday essentials blending purpose with style. From seven eco-conscious reusable bags, we've expanded to nineteen thoughtfully designed shapes, catering to every need. Our range includes eco-friendly Shopping Bags, Insulated Coolers, Picnic Mats, Beach Bags, and Umbrellas. Prioritising recyclable and recycled materials, our products offer lasting alternatives for conscientious consumers. Explore our journey towards environmentally friendly and chic living below.


You'll have to stay tuned, there is always something fun going on around here!


2023 was a massive year for Kollab, with the introduction of four new shapes to our collection including the Wine Cooler Bag, Tablecloth, Wet Bag and Travel Bag. Along side some amazing collaborations with kikki.K, Sage x Clare, Halcyon Nights and We Are Feel Good Inc, just to name a few!


2022 saw the introduction of our mighty Mini Cooler Bag, a bag for work, play and everything in between. One of our favourite collaborations also launched with Canteen. Together we raised money for young people in Australia impacted by cancer through our Show Your Love campaign.


In 2021 we launched our new Holiday Collection, a premium range of accessories inspired by our favourite Holiday Destinations. An extra-large Picnic Bag for more alfresco dining, Umbrellas and a few more Picnic Mat Designs and our collection was complete…almost.


Enter 2020 (how could we forget) and everyone, and we mean absolutely everyone moved to outdoor dining and socialising! The Picnic Mat became our best-selling product and we struggled to keep our shelves stocked as demand for our outdoor essentials skyrocketed.


The iconic Kollab Picnic Mat was introduced in 2019. This was a labour of love that came after many years developing the perfect Picnic Mat. It had to be extra-large for all the family as well as water-resistant to wipe down spills effortlessly and above all easy to roll, fold and secure.


The three years that followed were jam packed full of introducing beautiful new prints and designs to the Classic Collection whilst working with some amazing partners including Billabong & Sharpie.


In 2015 the practical (and fashionable) stars aligned, and demand took off for our range of everyday essentials. Obviously we loved our bags, but we didn’t realise how much other people would love our colourful prints and designs too. This year we grew faster than we could have ever dreamed and by the end of the year Kollab was popping up in stores all over Australia.


Established in 2014 we set off on our journey to make the practical fashionable and introduced seven reusable bags that were not only useful but looked good!