Kollab was lucky enough to collaborate with Artist and Illustrator Maggie Stephenson on a gorgeous print called ‘Poppies.’

Maggie was Born in Poland, raised in Germany, Maggie is an artist and illustrator based in Florida, USA. Maggie currently works as a freelance illustrator for magazines, advertising and other publishers, as well as enjoys creating art prints with home decor in mind. 

Her work is influenced by her European upbringing and travels, combining rich textures, vivid colours and shape play.

We sat down with Maggie to chat about the new Poppies print and how the artwork came to life.

1. What sparks your creativity?

Music and nature are so powerful in waking up new ideas and inspiration. It’s in those moments when I allow my mind to drift, away from screens, fully relaxed and in a stage of daydreaming - that’s when creativity sneaks in. 

2.  What do you love most about the Kollab x Maggie Stephensons Poppies print? Where did this design inspiration come from? 

The Poppies print was inspired by the peace and comfort found in nature and how it has the incredible power to completely wipe away any kind of fog or stress from our minds. The moment we step outside warm sunshine on our skin, the scent of flowers and fresh greenery. I can’t think of a better way to recharge.

3. What do you enjoy doing the most?

 Apart from creating, which truly is my deepest passion, I absolutely love to spend time outside. Whether it’s hiking, walks on the beach, even just sitting in the backyard. Something about being in nature that is so relaxing and energising at the same time, I love it. Cooking, listening to music while driving around and of course time with family and friends are my favourite too.

4. What Kollab product is your go-to and why?

It’s impossible to choose but my favourites are probably the shopper and market bags. I love them for their multi-functionality. Whether for a picnic, beach walk, grocery shopping or carrying around my iPad and other work-related things. I love their versatility and fun designs! The cooler bags and lunch boxes are on top of my list too. I am always on the go, so having a great way to store my snacks is essential, especially here in Florida where temperatures in the summer can reach the mid-90s. 

5. What does your ultimate Picnic Day look like?

It would be very simple and spontaneous. My husband and I talk about this a lot as we’re waiting for the temperature to drop just a little bit here in Florida. A big comfortable blanket, some sparkling water, a baguette, some fruits, cheeses, jams and I think we’re good to go. We’re so lucky that there are several fun picnic spots nearby, surrounded by lush greenery and the ocean.