Kollab’s Holiday collection is the newest product range on offer just in time for the festival season.

This new premium collection is a luxe take on our well-loved, practical and functional styles. Featuring a Fringed Picnic Mat, a medium-sized Picnic Mat and two insulated bag options, our Holiday Collection is an exciting addition to Kollab’s current product offering.

This range is inspired by some of our favourite destinations around the World and was designed with the idea of making any outdoor escape as beautiful as possible.

We are also so proud to announce this range is made from partly recycled materials so that you can have a maximum aesthetic impact with minimal impact on the environment.

Hayley, what inspired you to develop the new Holiday Range?

The Holiday collection was developed to cater for customers wanting a more luxurious offering from Kollab. We have always been about making practical items fashionable but wanted to take it up a notch to grow with our customer's needs, as we know they are sophisticated and glamourise. 


Meet the newest Kollab shapes: 

Holiday Fringed Picnic Mat
Functional and fashionable, Kollab’s fringed picnic mats add a touch of luxury to any setting. With our trademark water-resistant fabric and easy-to-pack-away design, the added detail of fringe adds a touch of glamour to your outdoor activities. Your very own insta -worthy picnic rug that will have all your friends jealous and wanting one for themselves. Just like our signature Kollab Picnic mats, our new and improved material means that we are moving forward to a more partly recycled purposed product.

Holiday Picnic Mat
Kollab’s medium Holiday Picnic Mat (1.45m x 1.45m) is the perfect example that sometimes thinking inside the square is the best option! With a seamless design, our medium-sized picnic mat is the perfect ‘in-between’ size for comfort and function. The new size is ideal for couples or small groups and is like the Big Sister to our current Mini Mats.

Holiday Tote
The bag to take you wherever you need to go. Our insulated Holiday Tote is perfect for any occasion. A fashion-forward take on your classic cooler bag, Kollab’s insulated Holiday Totes are perfect for when you need something to carry whatever your day throws at you. It’s a travel bag, a nappy bag, or simply just your everyday bag that’s big enough to fill with life's essentials– The beauty of this bag is it will be whatever you make it! 

Holiday Picnic Bag
The perfect picnic companion. Kollab’s insulated Holiday Picnic Bag can easily fit and keep fresh everything you need for you and your family’s perfect day out. Will keep your snacks cold and your champagne chilled, big enough to carry all the picnic essentials - so you’re never leaving anything at home again. 


Meet the newest Kollab prints

Inspired by the seaside paradise of Goa, India’s pocket-sized paradise, Goa embodies the “blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, and seafood.” As described by The Lonely Planet.

Bali’s closest neighbour, Lombok is beguiling, beach-blessed and downright blissful, and the inspiration behind this beautiful, detailed, pastel print.

Persia, what is now known as modern Iran, this beautiful city with its stunning architecture, is the inspiration behind this intricate, earthy, kaleidoscopic design.

Inspired by the city where looking good is an art form, our Milan print embodies the classic, high-end design that makes this city one of the most fashionable places in the world.

Classic and bold, our Manhattan print takes its name from the city that never sleeps. The perfect mix of the expected meets the unexpected, this check print features vibrant colours to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Add a touch of glamour to your everyday essentials with our stunning new Holiday Collection. Find out more about our new partly recycled Holiday Collection on our care page.