When Kollab was approached to collaborate with Canteen, for founder Hayley, it was a no-brainer. Hayley had worked as a theatre nurse at the Prince of Wales and was very familiar with Canteen and the amazing work they do for young people impacted by cancer.


Canteen is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to providing tailored support for young people aged 12-25 impacted by cancer. Canteen helps young people cope with cancer, whether it’s their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer or the death of a loved one. Through Canteen, they learn to explore and deal with their feelings about cancer and connect with other young people in the same boat if they’ve been diagnosed themselves, Canteen also provides specialist, youth-specific treatment teams.

All support services are underpinned by Canteen’s research and evaluation team, who conduct world-class psychosocial research with the ultimate goal of transforming the lives of young people affected by cancer.
Kollab is honoured to partner with Canteen on a special lunch box, with all profit from the sales to be donated to Canteen to support young people impacted by cancer.

The lunch box print is called ‘Dreaming Track Nights’ and was created by talented Aboriginal artist Annie-Renae Winters for this year’s Bandanna Day campaign. 

Canteen Kollab Lunch Box

Annie-renae Winters is a Kamilaroi woman who grew up on Wiradjuri/Gadigal land. She has worked in education within Sydney schools for over 10 years. She has run a not-for-profit design school focusing on Indigenous design, incorporating art into education.

She has been a tutor/lecturer in the Indigenous health faculty in Western Sydney for two years and teaches primary-aged classes in Western Sydney schools. Annie-renae is currently working as an Associate lecturer of Public Health in the medical faculty at Sydney University.

Annie-renae’s research looks at a strength-based approach of Aboriginal culture and art for young people's social and emotional well-being. Her current art practice explores the notions of Connection to Country in a contemporary exploration. Acknowledging the many different ways Indigenous people connect to Country and each other while living in an urban/costal setting often far away from their own ancestral Country.

“My goal for my art is for people to feel alive and to celebrate our unique Aboriginal culture in Australia. When I paint, I feel connected to my culture and to the country I live on. My work is personal, as it is a space for me to remember my culture, my language, and symbols. By painting this, I hope to create a space for younger people to also learn more about their culture, no matter where they are.”

For ‘Dreaming Track Nights’, Annie-renae took inspiration from traditional styles of Aboriginal art, and she mixed them with a contemporary approach.

“Focusing on the symbols for coral, shells, water, people meeting and my totem the Kangaroo. It paints a snapshot of the landscape and country we are called to care for. I am always 'On Country'; nowhere is exempt from this. We always have a responsibility to know the country, share it and care for it. I love the bright colour of the Australian landscape I have depicted this in this artwork.”


Kollab is proud to support Canteen through this collaboration, and we hope you love this print as much as we do!

This is an online exclusive, and you can purchase your Dreaming Track Nights Lunch Box via Kollab or Canteen.

 For more information on Canteen and the wonderful work they do visit https://www.canteen.org.au/