Go the Tillies!

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In honour of our latest collaboration with the Matildas, we wanted to take a peak behind the scenes of the partnership with Founder Hayley.

Like all amazing partnerships, it all began with an email…

“Football Australia reached out to us to see if we would like to collaborate with them and the Commbank Matildas and develop a Kollab x CommBank Matildas collection.”

And it’s safe to say the answer was yes!

Matildas Merch

After an enthusiastic affirmative, the process began. Kollab products and sports fans are already a match made in heaven, so for Hayley, it started with getting to know the brand and the supporters. Being a Tillies fan herself, this process wasn’t too taxing. And then the collaborative process begins.

“Looking for inspirations within our range and artworks, and then developing them with a Matildas vibe.”   

Matildas merchandise

Whilst Kollab is known for its collaborations, every one is different, and the process can be quite varied. Kollab x The Matildas meant reaching a new community of customers as well as appealing to our amazing Kollab Crew. 

“We have always been quite good at picnicking, and I feel like our brand is so versatile, but I am excited to focus more on sport and how practical the product is, not only for beautiful picnics but also incredibly practical for watching sports”.

This led to the choice of shapes featured in the collection.

Matilda’s soccer bag

 We focused on both what are great sellers within the business, but also how we can promote the players and support the code. We want supporters to be able to take their lunch to work or school and continue to support their team or favourite player.”

Speaking of players, the choice of which players numbers to feature in the collection was a tricky one. After doing some market research, soul searching and lots of convincing from the team, Kerr, Gorry, Fowler, Carpenter, Raso and Arnold made the cut. But as for Hayley’s favourite player? She doesn’t have one!

“They are all inspiring in many ways!  Being young and upcoming trying to keep up with the veterans of the sport, those mothers who are mothering, playing sport at this level and keeping positive with the juggle of parenting.  So inspiring.  I know how hard it is to work hard, parent and make sure you are also enjoying yourself along the way.  It’s all so important.

Australian Matildas

 Being the mum of three girls who all play sport, Hayley is no stranger to cheering from the sidelines. Supporting the Matildas as a family has broadened their sporting horizons.

“Our family was so inspired by the Matildas. We now have a soccer team we support.  We are a big rugby family, and have followed it for a while, but we are now a soccer family also and really enjoy following both codes closely.”

Speaking of inspiring, there would be few who haven’t been impacted by the exciting journey of the CommBank Matildas. For Hayley, the most exciting moment happened during the World Cup.

The world cup penalty shootout was the best because it was an incredible moment, but also for the fact that we were with friends, children, family of all ages, and everyone was all so excited and so involved!”

The Matlidas

  Apart from using the Kollab x CommBank Matildas collection to show your support for the incredible team, Hayley likes to show her support in the flesh!

“We managed to get to a game this year! So much fun and a fantastic atmosphere.  Must say that all supporters are next level excited.  They were all in their jerseys, or faces were painted. Children were pumped, with green and yellow ribbons in hair!”

Matildas Lunch Boxes 

Kollab x CommBank Matildas is a pitch perfect pairing, and this collaboration is not to be missed. The aussie inspired prints combined with practical shapes creates a truly exceptional collection that brings both style and functionality to sidelines everywhere. The CommBank Matilda’s have captivated so many with their outstanding play, and Kollab are honoured to have created a collection in collaboration with this amazing team