Kip&Co Field of Dreams Silver 

After the success of Kollab and Kip&Co’s collaboration print ‘Field of Dream’s' print the teams got together again to offer an alternate colourway- Field of Dreams Silver. This online exclusive lives up to its name and is truly what dreams are made of! 
We again picked the brains of the ladies who make playing with colour look oh so easy, and gained some more insight into what makes them tick!
  1. What you do when you’re feeling low on inspiration?

Go for an ocean swim - it’s the fastest way to fill up my creative cup and get my mind feeling fresh and positive about the world.  - Kate Heppell 

  1. Where will your next holiday be?

I think you need a magic ball to predict that right now!! If the universe is kind to us, then we are hoping to head to Kangaroo Island with my whole family and Kate’s family this December, and then do a photo shoot there. So a little work, and a little play!  - Hayley Pannekoecke 

  1. What colours do you think will be big this summer?

I am craving a rainbow after this tough grey winter so it’s maximalism all the way for me. Think bright big bouquets full of green, pink, red, orange, lilac. - Alex McCabe 

  1. What’s on your ideal winter menu?

I’m trying to cut meat out of my diet altogether these days and feeling good for it, so my ideal winter menu would definitely be incorporating all those amazing winter veggies we’ve got in the garden, heaps of leafy greens, potatoes, brussel sprouts, parsnip. Yummo. Maybe a veggie pie! - Kate Heppell 

  1. What essential must you have in your Kollab bag?

I keep things simple - keys, phone, body mists, terry towel, snacks. - Hayley Pannekoecke