Constructed from durable materials that are water resistant and easy to fold, caring for your Kollab Picnic Mat is a breeze!  

How do I clean/dry my Picnic Mat? 

Our picnic mats have a water-resistant coating and are best kept clean by wiping down using a damp cloth and water only.   

We recommend that you do not machine wash your picnic mat as this may remove the water-resistant coating and compromise the material.   

For really stubborn stains you can use a small amount of soapy, cool water and rub lightly. It is important to line hang the mat to dry completely before refolding and storing. 

How do I fold my Picnic Mat? 

The beauty of our adjustable strap is that you can fold or roll up your Picnic Mat any which way you like!  

But if you’re like us and like things just so… lay print side down and fold it in thirds, then fold in half – you’ll have a long narrow mat which you then fold in half end to end.  Fold each end into the middle (quarters) and then one final fold in half.  Phew!!! We hope this is clear(ish!) and it might take a couple of goes.  

You can also check out our short step by step video on how to fold or roll your picnic mat on our Instagram highlights under ‘Folding Mats’.  

Why do your Picnic Mats have a seam? 
This is not a fault, all of our large picnic mats have the same seam. It is impossible to manufacture a mat of this size and type of fabric without one. We choose not to pattern match, as there would be an excessive amount of fabric waste, which we do not want to contribute to.  

If you have any further questions about caring for your Picnic Mat don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to assist. We know with the right care you are going to love you Kollab Picnic Mat for years to come!